Friday, April 4, 2008

Strange Bird Mystery Solved

We saw this bird in our yard for the first time and didn't know what it was. Come to find out it is a "Chukar".

We believe that someone raised it and then thought it would be best to turn it loose when it got older. The trouble is that they are native to the dry arid eastern part of the state and don't do well as a breeding bird on this side of the Cascades. A native of southern Eurasia, the Chukar was introduced into the United States from Pakistan to be a game bird. It lives in arid, rocky terrain across the western United States and southern Canada.Small chicken-like bird. Short neck and tail. Grayish brown back and chest. Buffy belly. Bold black and chestnut barring on flanks. Black line through eye, down neck and onto chest. Throat white. Bill and legs red. Short, rounded wings.

My friends who hunted them as an upland game bird don’t hunt them, you accidentally shoot them. They run like lightning and when they take of flying, it’ll scare you as they launch hard.

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