Monday, July 22, 2013

Alaska Visit 2013

 Me and Alesia along Kenai River

 Stunning Tiana

 Saloon in Homer, AK
 Richele Swimming
 Gorgeous Richele


Moose Along Roadside 

 Kenai River
 Walkway Along Kenai River
From Left to Right
Alesia, Erica, Tiana, Richele, Abi
Little Pixie Dog

From Left to Right
Alesia, Erica, Tiana

 Tiana Contemplating in Homer

 Fish Catch
 At Homer Visitor Center
Left to Right
Me, Erica, Tiana, Richele, Abi

 Richele, Abi, Erica
 Erica and Tiana
 Beautiful Erica and Abi with Pixie
 Ta Dah!
 Dip Netting (Craziness)

Alesia at Visitor Center - Homer
 Alesia in Homer
Alesia at the end of walk along river
Kay Brandon
Kay and Stewart




Beach/Aquarium/Water Park Vacation 2013