Friday, August 29, 2014

Craft Room

This is the first house that I have a separate room for crafting.  It is a wonderful blessing.  My hubby surprised me by painting the room, laying down a wooden floor so my chair would roll all over the room freely and track lighting. I am still thinking about what window coverings I want (drapes, fabric covered roll down shade, or shutters.   He is a good man, after my heart.  He is also very supportive of my love of crafting.  He even puts up with my cross stitch stuff up in the living room.

As you can see from my vignette on top of my shelving unit, I also love and collect Amish items as well as display some of my quilting cross stitch.  At one time earlier in my life, I lived among the Amish of Pennsylvania and came to love and respect them greatly.

My furniture:
  • Desk - found at a discount warehouse type place in white to match the rest of the furniture.  I am not showing much of it here in this photo as it is quite a mess
  • Bookcase - This is from IKEA and I am using it to hold boxes from Ikea for storage of stamp sets according to category (such as masculine, floral, etc.)  You will also see I have white baskets I found at Michaels that are labeled with tag.  I also store patterned paper here.  The little chest in the room holds cross stitch supplies and you can see the vignette on top of the bookcase.
  • Rolling Drawer Cabinets are also from Ikea and store some card stock, but mostly supplies like punches, sequins, etc.
  • Slotted Shelving - from Michaels, collecting one at a time as they went on sale.  These are used to separate my colored card stock according to color family.  

You can also see that I use old CD racks for various stamp sets that are not within a category that I have in the IKEA boxes.  I also place an new stamp sets here so I will be more likely to use them.
My philosophy is that I want to keep as many supplies in plain sight (out) in order to quickly find and use them. 

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Stephanie Poteet said...

I love it! I have a room for all my crafting things as well but it doesn't look anything like this... my husband won't even go in there! What a fabulous space you've created :)